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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Election Commission form 8(k)

Election Commission form 8(k)

The special electoral roll improvement program starts by the Election Commission, from 1/9/2018 to 15/10/2018 ggv, which includes: * To enter new name, reduce name, improve name, address, transfer name from one part to another * .
* -> Improve name-address in voter's list *

* Ta-16-9-18 Sunday *

* Sunday-30-9-18 Sunday *

* Ta-14-10-18 Sunday *

* Time: - From 10.00 am to 5.00pm *

* Please verify that the name of your family members is in the electoral roll *

* Electoral roll improvement program *

Tue For those who are 18 years old till 01/01/2015 ...

Filling out the form as follows:
Form 6 Enter the new name
To shorten the form 7
Fix the form 8 'a' name
Form 8 'A' to move from one piece to another ....
All these forms will be available free from the office of Harishbhai Shah.
your name in the voter list.
* Evidence - *
(1) Proof of birth date, LC, birth proof
(2) Proof of residence (lightbulb)
(3) Photo of passport size
This information will be given to all the office-bearers of every ward, every front office-bearer, in-charge of Shaktikendra, BLA2, Booth President, page presidents, informed in detail.

* Location :: - In the above mentioned form, go to the school you are voting in, go to the school and get the form given by the government B LO and provide the necessary evidence in the name of the voter list .... If you do not have a name in the electoral roll, Do not vote, so check your name in the voter list.

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